Fayye Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating the orphan crisis by addressing family preservation through the empowerment of women.

Fayye Foundation supports the health, educational, and vocational goals of women, so that they can become healthy, knowledgeable, and confident mothers.

The HIV/AIDS crisis, famine, and lack of basic healthcare have resulted in staggering maternal mortality rates in the areas with the highest orphan populations. The financial destitution of widows causes problems with family preservation because many families are forced to give some or all of their children up for adoption due to an inability to care for them. 

Fayye Foundation addresses maternal mortality by providing support for future mothers. We fund clinics that offer antiretroviral medication and prenatal care. We support far-reaching educational campaigns to ensure that midwives are trained for childbirth. We also undertake clean water projects which directly relate to the reduction of maternal mortality (among other women’s health issues) by reducing the physical difficulties that result from the labor of carrying clean water when there is none easily accessible.

We address the financial destitution of women by offering micro-loans with counseling on how best to utilize and grow the funds long-term. These funds provide critical income for a widow which can encourage family preservation. Children then have the opportunity to grow up in their own homes, and orphanage censuses improve.

A geographical location should not determine the likelihood that a family will be able to thrive. Fayye Foundation’s projects work toward family preservation so that all mothers will be self-sufficient, assured and active community leaders.