The Fayye Foundation was founded by Jamie Grumet. While projects originally focused on Ethiopia, the mission of Fayye Foundation has expanded to include global projects that address maternal mortality and encourage family preservation. Fayye Foundation is a community of like-minded volunteers who are passionate about global community and approach philanthropy from this perspective.

Jamie Grumet image

Jamie Lynne Grumet – Founder

Jamie Lynne Grumet is a wife as well as the mother of two sons. Jamie developed HELLP Syndrome during her pregnancy in 2008. If it were not for the life saving measures available to her, she and her son would have died. Jamie and her husband adopted their oldest child in 2010 from Sidama, Ethiopia. Upon learning about the lack of maternal healthcare and importance of family preservation in the fight against the orphan crisis, Jamie brought together a passionate group of people to start the Fayye Foundation.

Julie Garlington fights Family Preservation

Julie Garlington

Julie Garlington is a creative writer who lives in Los Angeles. She has three children, one of whom she adopted from Sidama, Ethiopia. She has spent time in Ethiopia building relationships within the community. She is passionate about education and the importance of supporting family preservation to help combat the orphan crisis.

Biruk Eyasu

Biruk Eyasu is a native to Awassa, Ethiopia. He studied at the Hawassa University and went to graduate school at Addis Ababa University. He currently works at Debre Markos University. He has been an integral part of Fayye Foundation from its earliest beginnings. He is fluent in both English and Amharic and is the Program Coordinator for our Ethiopian projects.

Christy Bastian

Christy Bastian, CPA, CVA is a Senior Manager of Forensic, Valuation & Litigation Support for Briggs & Veselka Co. in Houston, TX. Prior to moving to Texas in June 2010, she had her own accounting practice in Northern California for 14 years. She has a strong tax background, with an emphasis in strategy and tax planning, working with closely-held businesses and owners for over twenty years. She is dedicated to using her finance experience to organize microloans for the betterment of global community.

Laura Greene

Laura Greene is the founder of Likely Lola Design. She adores having a job where she gets to spend all day being creative. Her favorite part of her job is connecting with amazing people and forming lasting relationships. Laura is excited to be working with the Fayye Foundation, empowering mothers around the world to reach their vocational goals through microloans.

Marshall Garlington

Marshall Garlington, husband to Julie Garlington and father to their three children, is a Re-recording Mixer, who mixed sound for films such as “Twilight”, “Eclipse” and “Conan”. Marshall is also a professional photographer; he has worked in various areas of Africa. Marshall is passionate about Fayye Foundation’s clean water projects.

Grace Lazenby

Grace Lazenby has become one of Hollywood’s most sought after experts in the fitness industry. She has now launched “Rockin Models Workout” a new fitness DVD. Grace’s career began when she started privately training clients and teaching fitness classes to the Los Angeles elite. Upon learning about the maternal mortality rates of women around the world, Grace joined the Fayye Foundation to help end this tragedy.

Becky Morales

Becky Morales is a mom to 4 bilingual, multicultural, active kids ages 4-7, including a son from Sidama, Ethiopia and another son from Urumqi, China; she and her husband are doing their best to raise them as compassionate world citizens, and lifelong learners. She is passionate about Fayye Foundation’s childbirth education projects and microloans because she believes that healthy mothers with economic prospects will be able to take their family out of poverty. She founded, where parents and teachers can find global activities to do at home that help enrich little minds. In her free time loves to cook, travel and is a wannabe triathlete.

Megan Kucik

In 2010, Megan and her husband, Jim, adopted two 3 and 6 year old siblings from Aleta Wondo in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. These days, Megan manages her 4 children, a job she maintains is surprisingly much more difficult than managing a 60-person multidisciplinary project team for a $50 billion dollar company. She now spends her days issuing homework reminders, making dinners which never please everyone, and playing hide-and-seek over and over and over again.

Kendall M. Hoover

Kendall Hoover is a web content writer and editor. She is a military spouse and mother to one toddler son, so when she’s not reading or writing, she’s the project assistant on elaborate Lego projects. She has five years of leadership positions in domestic charities, primarily related to women’s and children’s health issues. She is passionate about childbirth education for community leaders and future mothers in an effort to decrease maternal mortality.

Jillian Ruth Clinton

Jillian Ruth Clinton studied at San Francisco State University where she became aware of the global orphan crisis and lack of support for family preservation. She joined the Fayye Foundation in 2012 and spearheaded the first trip to Ethiopia.

Kayla Dar

Kayla Dar has a multicultural family of five. She is an advocate for attachment parenting, breastfeeding, and families in need through Baby’s Breastie, a community she built to educate, empower and support young mothers. She is passionate about Fayye Foundation’s childbirth education projects which have similar goals of supporting and empowering mothers in need.