Clean Water

To establish a firm foundation for our projects in Africa, Fayye Foundation has taken on the issue of clean water. Around the world, fetching water is a woman’s task. Thus, one of the most crucial health issues for women in Africa is the clean water shortage. 1 in 5 children worldwide dies of a water-related disease. In order to get access to clean water, women and girls must carry up to 50lbs of water every day over typically 5 miles or more. Carrying this water has shown to stunt growth in young girls which has contributed to the extremely high maternal mortality rate in these areas, but girls and women also face dangers along their way to a water source.

Maternal Mortality

Maternal mortality is influenced, particularly in Ethiopia, by health issues that could be prevented if local leaders and mothers had access to childbirth education and prenatal care. Unfortunately, because of the stunted growth of many young girls, childbirth can be difficult or impossible. Most of these young mothers have no access to healthcare assistance  which could be life saving during pregnancy and labor.  

Microloans for Mothers

Fayye Foundation offers microloans for destitute widows in areas of great need.

We also provide counseling on how best to utilize and grow the funds long-term.  These microloans jump-start small businesses that provide critical income so that a widow can keep her family intact. Children then have the opportunity to grow up in their own homes, and orphanage censuses will improve.